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May 12, 2021

Supporting Pro-life Leaders: John-Paul Deddens, Founder of WeDignify

Supporting Pro-life Leaders: John-Paul Deddens, Founder of WeDignify

In today’s episode of Naked Talk with Jess, we are joined by John-Paul Deddens and Kevin Grillot from WeDignify. The group discusses how WeDignify started in a dorm room and became a widespread movement, and how WeDignify has transformed individuals on college campuses to become future pro-life leaders. Jess touches on how this movement holds a special place in her heart, as she is someone who has struggled with a pro-life decision in her younger years. John-Paul and Kevin also talk about creating a program to teach people to talk about sensitive tops and create a safe place on college campuses for those dealing with difficult decisions regarding abortion. Tune in TODAY for our candid conversation. 


Guest Bio: 

John-Paul is a graduate of the University of Illinois in Engineering. In college he witnessed a fellow student struggling and felt that he needed to do something to help. In his small dorm room, John-Paul created WeDignify, a pro-life organization that equips, educates, and empowers students to lead pro-life groups on campus and beyond. John-Paul has also created the “March for Life – Chicago” to promote their message and encourage people to support their cause. John Paul is married to his wife Annie and together they have created Pray More Novenas.

Kevin Grillot was the President of Students for Life at Saint Louis University, he announced the student group’s intention to create an endowment, so no person has to choose between having a child and having an education. One year later, with the involvement of many, the students established the endowment. Now, the Pregnant and Parenting Student Assistance has dispersed $60,000 in aid and continues at a rate of over $10,000 per year.

Kevin’s strong leadership is paired with advanced pro-life knowledge. Selected to participate in the inaugural year of the Vita Institute at the University of Notre Dame, Kevin learned from leaders in the fields of embryology, law, and more.

In 2011, John-Paul hired Kevin as WeDignify’s first Campus Mentor. As the “Guinea pig” of a new initiative, Kevin was given a vague job description, 2 days of training, and then sent to a brand-new place: Chicago.

In 2013, Kevin married Becca. Kevin and Becca now have 3 children, Thomas, Luke, and Grace. A proud husband and father, Kevin’s family brings him more joy in life than he ever dreamed. Also in 2013, Kevin was promoted to Executive Director of weDignify.


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