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June 15, 2021

Sex Trafficking in the US With David Reid, Founder of RedM

Sex Trafficking in the US With David Reid, Founder of RedM

Texas has the second-highest human trafficking rate in the United States, with approximately 313,000 victims at any given moment.

Does this statistic shock you?  It should, most people know nothing about it.  Our next guest provides insight on how to start the conversation around this difficult topic and how we can all do our part to prevent human trafficking.

David Reid, Founder of REDM https://www.joinredm.com/ joined Naked Talk to discuss the organization. The RedM is a pro-bono, crowdsourcing and networking movement about improving the human condition by connecting highly skilled individuals to the organizations that need them most. They’re passionate about seeing lives transformed in the aftermath of sexual exploitation. They exist because they believe that sex trafficking survivors deserve more than rescue. They deserve restoration. That’s why RedM partner with nonprofit organizations that provide the resources and therapeutic interventions survivors need to successfully transition out of survival mode and into LIFE.

If you see something, say something...

National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline:  888-373-7888


Visit www.joinredm.com for ways to help. 

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