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Consistent, Valid and relatable

I love how diverse the topics are and how consistent Jess is with her content!!

Giving women power back

This podcast is unapologetic, educational and empowering. A women talking about things we think about but often do not want to address out loud. Not only is she sharing her experiences but bringing in women who are experts in the topics. Perfect for women of all ages.

Amazing podcast!!!

Everyone needs to into this podcast! There is so much amazing and valuable information from hormones to loving and learning about your body! Jess is as authentic, open and real as it gets! It’s very refreshing!

Honest, Educational, and Empowering

I found this podcast at the perfect time! I’ve been feeling like something was “off” with me hormonally, and then I found episode 32 of this podcast, which went in depth about hormones and birth control. The episode was so informative, made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my struggles, and motivated me to seek solutions with a naturopath rather than continue to brush my problems aside. I’m so thankful that I found this show!

Very educational


Down to the nitty gritty!

I love the open honest format Jess brings to her show. I find myself nodding my in agreement as I listen.... every episode!

Jess you are the best!

I always enjoy your podcast! I have saved several because of all the important information you share as well as the deep conversations and advise!

Jess keeps it real!

Bringing tough topics to the table, Jess really knows how to bring up the issues we all think about and have challenges with and REALLY talk about them! So refreshing!

Honest and needed!

Adore this women’s honesty. She is talking about topics in a fun way, that really need to be heard. I really look forward to this every week. Highly recommend.

Love listening!

Transparent and gets to the point.

Finally someone said it!

So nice to listen to someone be candid about things that are normally taboo or awkward to talk about! I haven’t listened to them all yet, but I am looking forward to listening to old and new podcasts from Jess! Keep on keeping it real lady!


Super informative podcast for women. The topics are very interesting. I love tuning in and listening to Jess and her guests!

Straight up facts

Jessica keeps it real and honest. No need for shame to be a part of a woman’s healthy desire for sex. She presents her topics in raw ways! Love it!

Love these Podcasts!

I love not only the information in these pod casts but all of the honesty as well!!

Relatable + Heartfelt

Jess is great with speaking her mind, and sharing her lifestyle and journey with us all. She encourages great habits and information to truly be a better YOU. I love listening to her podcast, and can always count on learning something new. I hope to hear about her holistic approach on stress and pain (Physically and emotionally). Great podcast Jess, thanks for sharing your passions and heart with us!

Jess is Fresh!

I attended a podcast event one evening and was a little tired and unsure if I wanted to be there. However, that night I had a sense that I was meant to be there. At the end of the event, I met Jess and knew that meeting her was the energy I sensed that I was meant to be there. I connected with Jess and hope to continue cherishing this relationship. I have started listening to her podcast and am amazed at her genuine, open, and unprocessed journey. When I met her she was very kind and genuine and she presents her topics in a similar manner. Enjoy!


Grateful for Jess and this podcast. It's informative, raw and real.

Love Jessica's Quick Tip Episodes

I really love how quick and easy Jessica's tips are. When trying out her podcast, I opted to listen to her "quick tip" episodes first. They were AMAZING and so I couldn't help but clicking next, next, next...I think that you will agree. Lots of good advise here (and I'm looking for a neighbor for my morning walks. So far, it's just my dogs.).

Such a cool podcast

Jess is developing a gem here. I had a chance to check out the latest episodes and they’re full with great tips and actionable advice. If you’re looking for personal development and self-improvement then this podcast is for you.

A great story teller, and excellent info

Jess is a straight shooter with a powerful story. She is easy to listen to and covers interesting topics. I recommend this podcast.


Love this podcast! Jess provides fantastic information about wellness topics especially those topics we tend to not talk about.

Very inspiring

Jessica has a great story that inspires you to start living the life you want rather than the one people tell you to. Listen for Great tips on living a healthy and fulfilling life!

Super personal and inspiring

Jess shares her story and her tips in such an approachable way. It's a delight to listen to.

Very Authentic and great information

This is a great podcast about health and wellness. I love how authentic and open Jess is!

Vacation Time - What to do with my Honey Bun

Jessica - the Unprocessed JESS tells it like it is. Her show dives into what is really what it takes to have a great relationship. I appreciate the fun upbeat style of her show. Well done!

Great Show!

Loved meeting you! Excited to hear and learn more about healthy living! Boom 💥

Love the show

The is a fun but informative podcast

Listen up y’all

If you are hungry for someone to show you how to live a healthy lifestyle, stay vibrant as you age & even talk about the “uncomfortable truths” of being a modern woman, look no further than Naked Talk !

Love the candor & great information!

Jess is a knowledgeable holistic health coach who doesn’t tippy toe around issues related to health& wellness. She knows her stuff, she’s real & talks about important health issues that no one else is talking about. Great podcast!

Naked Talk

This girl is the real deal. I love that she’s willing to talk about the stuff that all of us really need to be opening up about. Her story is so inspiring and a powerful reminder that no matter what our circumstances may be, with God we can overcome anything. I’ll be listening to every episode!!!

Amazing first episode!

Jess wasn't joking when she called this 'naked talk' she is very open with her past, very inspiring!

Jess is candid and talks about the hard topics!

Jess is very natural in her discussion and candid conversations about difficult topics. Just listening to her story lets you know this isn't going to be the run-of-the-mill podcast. Sex, sleep, constipation, healthy eating and lifestyle are just a few of the topics she plans to cover. Can't wait to hear more!