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Aug. 17, 2021

Men's Wellness: Dr. Banks Prevention & Protocol

Men's Wellness: Dr. Banks Prevention & Protocol

In this episode with Naked Talk with Jess, we are chatting with Dr Chase Banks, the owner of Finish First Injury Prevention in The Woodlands, Texas.

Dr Banks discusses prevention and protocol for todays health concerns we are all questioning.  


  • We discuss the new variant 
  • Commonly asked questions from patients 
  • Importance of acting NOW to keep your health and immune system a priority 
  • Free lifestyle choices you CAN control to be an advocate for your health

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Hey, y'all welcome back to naked. Talk with Jess podcast. We have Dr. Banks here in the studio. We are talking about men's health and sexual wellness for this series and Hey, listen, you are missing out. If you haven't heard the other episodes, make sure you check out the first episode where we meet Dr. Banks. He really digs into a lot of different things. And today we're going to talk about let's just talk about COVID. What, what are you hearing from your clients of what are some things that you, you are seeing on that and welcome to.

Dr. Banks:

Thank you. Thanks for having us back again. The, the biggest thing I think, and especially the recent, let's just call it variant. It seems to be creating so much of the issue, especially as we see right now, is that it seems to definitely be impacting a lot younger population than the previous one, is just, this is all very, a little strange from a scientific standpoint or epidemiology standpoint, because typical viruses generally don't have a, I would consider an age threshold. And that's, what's just strange to me. And, I'm not I won't say that I'm a big conspiracy theorist, but I have a lot of questions that are left on answered from a lot of different things that have to do with COVID. But I would say the majority, especially right now in my wife, a lot, like yourself does a lot of health coaching and kind of walking people through a nontoxic lifestyle and the amount of people that reach out to us, especially over the last four or five weeks. If I would say it was probably five, six patients a day or six people a day, it's probably more like 30 or 40. and these are people that some of them might be doing the right things to basically improve their overall health and wellbeing and being preventatively. But what we're finding a lot, I see this, I do so much blood work, the amount of vitamin D insufficient. That I see from blood work is still baffling me. Now, granted, I do realize that some people genetically require a lot more. I have a vac D gene, and I'm going to require more. Those are some genetic testing that we do in the office. And so th. Some people do require more than 5,000 units, international units a day. Some people I take 10,000 when it comes to every year, when we get into October, this was pre COVID and it's definitely post COVID now. But when we get into October, I start with 10,000 and I'll run it all the way to the end of March, sometimes in April. And then I'll switch back to 5,000. That is my daily dose. Now I am not recommending that to every single patient out there doing some testing to figure out exactly what. Limits are, as far as having what is going to be the most therapeutic range for you is very important. There is something called vitamin D gnosis, which has toxicity of vitamin D. It is very, very rare. Okay. And what it does is it basically increases the calcium in the bloodstream that can affect cardiovascular system. But it is very rare. Okay. So the point being is that I do suggest getting some testing every four to six months, especially as what we're doing through now with COVID, but it went baffles me, is that when I have a patient that calls or incent Yuma sends an email or friend, family member, whoever it might be, and there I'm asking them, what have they been doing up to the point now that they have COVID and they haven't been doing anything right. Not taking any vitamin D definitely not focusing on their dog. Definitely not focusing on a lot of things that you talk about on your podcast. And they think that the nutraceutical approach in the midst of an infection is going to bring them out of the hole. And unfortunately, I'm sorry, but I love the, again, a homeopathic approach, but it takes a lot to get the body to supersede a. An onslaught of an infection and a viral load. And hence why a lot of people need medical care when they get to that point. But the point is is that if you can do a lot of things on the front end and the literature shows with COVID and vitamin E if you're a vitamin D status is over 50 in your bloodstream. Now the normal is between 30 and a hundred. I prefer, I prefer to see patients between 75 and nine. Okay. Okay. It takes a lot to get there, but if you're over 50, the likelihood of getting to a hospital and getting a hospitalization after an infection is very slim to none. And that is very important to know because most people that are in the hospital are well under 30, if not under 20. So but I would say that most people right now are asking about. What to take from a preventative standpoint, I get this question a lot. Now I am not a medical doctor. I'm just a chiropractor that specializes in functional nutrition and things like that. But the point is, is with, I'm going to just reach on this topic. A lot of people ask me and about ivermectin or hydroxy chloroquine as a preventative meaning using it on a daily consumption. Now I have a lot of autoimmune patients, a lot of RA patients, a lot of lupus patients that take hydroxy chloride. As a course of medication to help with their symptoms. And it does help. There are some patients out there and populations that can have cardiovascular risks would have to actually chloroquine. Okay. It's very, again, rare, but it can possibly happen. The point is with ivermectin is taking a lot of these parasitics as a preventative people don't realize this, the microbiome and use is something you to be preached a lot. The gastrointestinal microbiome and that's our, that's our gut health. That's all of the actual organisms as are parasites. Those are bacteria. Those are viruses. And people don't realize is that we have millions of different viruses that live in us all the time. So if we're going to take something, that's a key leading age, I mean, removing some of these things. You're opening up the window for the possibility of having the actual room for something else that could be more pathogenic to take home. So the point is, is that try to do everything that you can do to balance your microbiome, maybe taking the right probiotics, taking enzymes, focusing on your diet. And, you know, taking the nutraceuticals that you need, whether it's certain B vitamins, definitely taking enough. Vitamin C and I have a, I have a video on our YouTube channel. Our YouTube channel is finished first injury prevention specialist that I go over a lot of things with like natural humate or humic acid as a preventative, you can take restore, which is a, or our gut ion, which these are all Aquia solutions that have. The specific organic materials in them that actually act as a natural kelating agent for these viruses. I talk about the importance of zinc and the zinc Ana fours and the literature that was done with COVID very early on and why it's so important. I talk about dosing with some of these things, so we've kind of pushed a lot of people to go to see those things, but you really need to make sure that you're doing that in a subtle sense. And I don't think on our last our, we talked about that much. It was about the same time that inositol assisting got removed from Amazon. And my wife was, you know, she, when I came home and they said they were doing that, I said, look, what's probably happened. And this is for a lot of people, is that they jump on the, Hey, the FDA is going to pull this because it works so good. Yeah. Got to change. What you don't realize is that the FDA. Is on the hot pursuit to make sure people aren't marketing outside of the, of the limitations of what we can do on the I would say the nutraceutical side. So a lot of people were marketing in a Seattle cystine as a COVID prevention agent, and it is phenomenal for respiratory illnesses. It is a very, very effective I would say deterrent too. Viruses, especially respiratory that's very specific for that. But what happened was some of the very big companies that were marketing it on Amazon, Amazon pulled in and they, Amazon ended up pulling before they did a broad sweeping basically where they pulled all the, all the, all the companies were developing in this ecosystem. That core, that forced a lot of people on social media and things like that. That kind of think, oh my gosh, what's happening here? Is the FDA getting involved? Are they going to make this into a drug? Because it is working. No, it was just giving them the time to basically figure out, okay. Y'all have to basically relabel, restructure what you're saying and that's the NAC everybody says back. Yeah. It's a form of assisting. It is very effective to reduce inflammatory issues from the bronchioles. And so whether those are asthma related, whether they're allergy related or whether it's viral, So I do recommend that for a therapeutic, you know intake every day, especially from a prevention standpoint. Yeah. And then something that's important to say. So I know I've mentioned before, I'm a client of yours and so is my husband, but we not, all of these things are created equal and that's kind of a thing going back to, you know, read your label and know what's in your food. Know what's in your beauty products or home products. Same thing with that. So one thing too, I know vitamin C, I'm just telling you what a lot of. I hear and they asked me to you may not be able to, just to go and buy any vitamin C. So we get that through and I'll, I'll put the link on the show notes as well. Or you can call Dr. Banks, his office. You have The supplements and things like that, that really are pure. And they're that therapeutic grade. So can you share just a minute on the vitamin C? Yeah. There's several different. I mean, a lot of people realize is that you can really only absorb about 300 milligrams of vitamin C at any given time. So by taking. Thousand 2000 milligrams at a time, you're going to have a lot of this waste. And obviously the more you dose it, the more likely you're going to have probably watery stools. So the point is, is it exactly, but it's liposomal delivery. Vitamin C is a lot better bioavailability. So it's just a little more expensive. That way that comes in a liquid form and it tastes kinda like syrup, but because it's used to extract glycerin a liposomal delivery system, but the, you know, there's, I use several different brands. Designs for health is probably one of the majority ones that really do a really good job of actually. Looking at literature and helping educate the practitioners on dosing, the reasons why they put it in their product and things like that. And they've linked the literature. So Metagenics is another one. Douglas labs is another one, some pure Encapsulations. I like my, my fear is with pure Encapsulations over time when they turn into something that it shouldn't be. Because a lot of these companies, when they get bought out by food, big food, I concerns me over time of them changing the raw materials and unfortunately, pure capsulations it's owned by Nestle. So the point is, is that using professional grade products, and unfortunately, a lot of these, you have to go through a practitioner, you can buy them on Amazon, but you will, you'll find they'll probably be 10 to 15, 20%. In which you could get to them through a physician for so, and I get mine through your link. So we'll put that on there, the designs but you know, just going to the, to the pharmacy and buying any vitamin D you need to make sure that you've got K2 with it. A lot of tell a lot of patients with your body, with your fat-soluble vitamins, take them with an actual fat source. So taking those a little avocado, things like that, a little either MCT oil improves. So there's a lot of things that, you know, that you can do to improve the overall bioavailability of your supplements. And that's why you're probably going to hear from the medical community that they're worthless, that you're just, you're just eating your money. It's true. If you take very poor. A lot of supplements are just buffered or not non buffered salts and they just burn up and digestion. But if you take good quality, key laded minerals, things like that, right. The right methylated products you're going to do just fine. Yeah, and I think so I think a starting point would be like, circling back to what you said about the vitamin D getting them there, getting that tested, because I think a lot of people listening and may not even realize like, oh, I didn't know I had that deficiency. So y'all can call Dr. Banks, his office and, and schedule that and give yourself. Point, you know, Hey, where am I at? What are some things I can approve improve on? And I trust him about 7% y'all with it's so important to get people that you really trust and have that passion for wellness, right? We are not in sick care, we're in wellness, sustainable and preventative. So, so start there. If you're just starting and have someone you trust to direct you on where to do these things. And then of course, put in those lifestyles Do you want to do preventative? I cannot stress that enough. Like Dr. Banks said, don't wait until you're in that situation. Before we wrap up, can you share maybe just a few things that say, you know, I'm just going off of what people are messaging me as well. Oh my goodness. I was around someone who may not have been feeling well. I'm not feeling well. Is there anything that kind of, what are you sharing with your patients? You know, the exposure conversation is very hard to get people to realize is that you're exposed just because somebody notifies you, unfortunately, that they were at COVID and they were with you two or three days ago. That could probably happen a dozen times over between the time that you actually saw that person that called you and not. So try to rest at ease and just know that if you're out in the public, you're going to be exposed and it's not as necessarily a terrible thing. If you're supporting your immune system and you're doing things that you need to be doing to improve your overall wellness and wellbeing, that's actually what our immune system is for. So the point is, is that I tell people is like, if you, if you feel like that you've been exposed and you want to jump on something. Very effectively very quickly is to make sure that you're taking about 25 milligrams or sorry, 1000 milligrams per 25 pounds to 50 pounds of weight for vitamin C. Okay. And I know you're like, well, didn't use to say can only absorb 300. I did. The problem is, is trying to find it. Yeah. Those two, 300 milligrams. So you'll find a dose, a lot of 500 or a thousand. So there's powdered buffered, vitamin C sources and there's lyposomal sources and things like that that will help with your overall lymphocyte production is what your body needs to basically start basically improving your white blood cells to attack the virus and inositol system. Like I said before, increasing the bottom indeed. You know, everybody kinda dropped it a little bit more, but of course stem is very important. I use a product called from ortho. Molecular is very effective and it also has, it's got vitamin C and inositol cystine in it. So there's just a lot there from that standpoint, but the main thing is, I mean, if you've been eating terrible and like you came off a weekend that you were at the lake or you're at a family function, and then you found out some people were sick and you haven't been eating that. Go ahead and start with some bone broth soups that you're going to make over the next couple of days, make sure that you do some green smoothies and basically some things that are going to improve your overall gastrointestinal health on that onslaught that you might be having. He didn't have no idea what a little bit of change can do. And again, I don't. They medical doctor. So that's the reason why I didn't want to go into the hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as far as what you dose it with and all this kind of stuff. There's positions that you can call for that. The point is, I will say with patients throughout COVID, I have seen a very effective response to Auburn lectin. If you started early on in your symptoms, if you wait 5, 6, 7 days, And you've had a fever, headache, congestion, shortness of breath. And then you just started dust. Don't see much response that way. So. And that's why it's so important. Like we've said over and over again in here to not wait right until your, what can you do? We said this in another episode, you don't want to be surrounding yourself with, you know, news, social media, all this crap that you can't control, but what can you control? You can control your lifestyle. You can control your food choices stopping all the crap. It's very simple. You shouldn't be in, in any way. But now, Hey, listen. Like now's the time. If you, if you're waiting for a time. Dr. Banks and I telling you the time is now, right? So, or if you're traveling like that, just take extra care. I love bone broth. I drink that regularly, but just like you said, when, when you start feeling down, really ramp up on those things and don't wait, so thank you so much. I really appreciate this. If you have any other questions let us know how they can reach you and get started with. A meeting you a consultation, just go to our website at WW dot finish one. That's finished the numeral one.net or 8 3 2 8 1 3 8 4 5 1. And Melanie our office manager can get you taken care of. All right. Thank you, Dr. Banks. I'm going to put all those links in the show notes. So you can do that. Or you can also like Dr. Mike said, call him and or email and thank you so much for being here today. And we're going to have you on again. There are so many things we need to talk about. So I really appreciate your time and I will talk to you all next time on naked. Talk with Jess.