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29: Pat Flynn talks Super Fans, Family, & Business

Introducing the Biz Edition for Naked Talk with unprocessedJESS where we're sharing bite-sized biz tips, tools, and words of wisdom from entrepreneurs who have been there done that, learned a thing or two in the process, and ...

028: Let's Talk about Sex: Different Desire Levels

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025: Gratitude & Morning Pages

Ever feel like NOTHING is going right and everything is negative? Gratitude is a great way to change your attitude. Naked Talk shares about gratitude and a morning exercise you can add into your day to start it in the right d...

024: Primary Foods: Probably NOT what you think

The actual food you eat, or nutrition, is secondary to your primary foods. ALL areas of your life are interconnected and affect the other. Primary foods are your relationships, physical activity, spirituality, and Career/Life...

027: Getting Steamy with Kim Bady

Ever wonder what happens during a yoni (vagina) steam? Well, wonder no more! Kim Bady with She Wellness and Sanctuary Spa in Houston, Texas breaks down the basics of the not only the steam but the yoni.

023: Peri Peri Quite Contrary: Perimenopause

What the heck is perimenopause anyway? And what can we expect and do about it?

022: The Period Guru Jenna Longoria

jenna Longoria talks periods, ovaulation, and fertility with unprocessedjess and why they're so important to our health. Periods don't HAVE to be painful!

021: Talking Sex & Periods to your Kiddos

Talking about sex and periods can be uncomfortable with adults much less to your kids! BUT we need to start the conversations and be the first to talk about it with them because they ARE going to hear about from someone or th...

20: Go with YOUR GUT with Dafne Wiswell

unprocessedJESS is talking with Dafne Wiswell, holistic life coach who empowers and equips women to take control of their health and focuses on marriage, parenting, finance, and automimmune. Continuing the Go with YOUR gut se...

18 Go with your Gut Series with Paula Tobey

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17 Love your Labia Series: Vagina & Vulva Questions

Dr. Noel Boyd shares about vagina and vulvas and addresses the "is this normal" question when it comes to labia and it's appearance. When you should talk to your doctor and when to know we're all different, even our genitalia...

16 Love your Labia Series with the Vagina Coach Kim Vopni

We continue with the Love your Labia series with Kim Vopni, the Vagina Coach. She shares about importance of the pelvic floor for not only new moms but all women regardless of age or stage in life.

15 Love your Labia Series with Ana Rojas Bastidas from Power to Prevail

Kicking off the Love your Labia series on Naked Talk with unprocessedJESS podcast with Ana Rojas Bastidas from Power to Prevail. Changes for the podcast. We have our first guest on the podcast and partially live streamed on u...

13 A Very Scary Christmas & A Crappy New Year

Holiday blues have you feeling like it's a scary Christmas and a Crappy New Year?!

10 Good Grief: Staying Sexy While Feeling Sad

We can't be happy and upbeat all the time. There are times in our life when we just feel sad. These times are normal, but you can't let them take over your life. Unprocessed Jess has a candid conversation about how to take ...

9 Vagina and Vulva - What's the Difference?

How well do you know your body? Vagina and Vulva - What's the Difference? Do you know? Unprocessed Jess has a candid conversation regarding how to learn about your own body in this episode of Naked Talk.

8 Gut Health Basics

The health of your gut affects all parts of your body. I provide tips for taking care of your gut and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

7: Hawaii 5-OH! Reconnecting in your Relationship while on Vacay

Do the stresses of everyday life and just being busy get you out of the "mood?" Maybe you need a vacation or a staycation to turn up the heat in your relationship. Unprocessed Jess shares some tips on reconnecting with that ...

6 Round Butts Flat Guts: Why they're important to your health

In this episode, Unprocessed Jess talks about the health benefits of "round buts and flat guts." Listen in and learn how you can improve your looks and your health at the same time.

5 Quick Tips 2: Reading Food Labels and Eating Less CRAP and More FOOD

Quick Tips towards a healthier, happier lifestyle. Do you know what’s in the food you’re feeding your body? Well, you should! Don’t assume because it’s on the shelf that’s it’s healthy for you. Food affects your mood and you...