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June 7, 2018

2 Sex and Sleep - How to get more of both

2 Sex and Sleep - How to get more of both

It’s NO secret most of us are sleep deprived and spend TONS of money on supplements, diets, surgery but don’t sleep!


It’s crazy!


6 to 9 hours is what we want to aim for a night


Sleep is FREE but the lack of it costs us a lot in terms of money and our health.


Sleep is essential to your health. Your body needs rest and a time for your brain to drain all the gunk it doesn’t need!


Optimal sleep allows our body to do it’s job and keep our hormones from getting out of whack.


There ARE natural ways to address hormones and sleep. Remember, quick fixes are not sustainable without getting to the root cause.


Educate yourself on all of the options first. Be your OWN advocate for your health. Listen to your body and it will tell you when something isn’t just right. No one knows your body better than you do.


This is YOUR life so make it a priority.


For such a small word SEX really does cause quite a stir. I don’t get it. It’s a primal need and needs to addressed or will begin to affect other areas of our health.


It’s something a lot of grew up not talking about depending on our culture, parents’ views, or religious view.

Many turn to sources to learn about sex and it’s not always from a healthy perspective.


We need to have a foundation of knowledge about sex and discussing it with our partners because it won’t get better without communicating about it. Let’s start those difficult conversations.


Many married couples just aren’t having enough sex or skipping it all together. This is no Bueno! Not only is sex great cardio but it boosts oxytocin that can make you feel connected, lowers cortisol, and when it has a happy ending a hormone called prolactin is released and help you feel sleepy.


You may be thinking, “Seriously Jess...the LAST thing I want to think about is sex after a long and stressful day!” You may not be making an excuse that your head hurts. You may just be dehydrated!


I totally get it. I was a mom of three kids 5 and under and homeschooled soon after that and I was REALLY tired from trying to juggle it all. Things didn’t go as we planned in our fantasies. The nooners we envisioned never came.


But we got through it. It’s not easy but we need to just stop and ask if this is the life we want to live. Am I really prioritizing my time and health? Clients often tell me they’re doing things for their family all the while they’re spending less time with them and are overstressed and unhealthy.


How is that working out?


Set yourself up for sex and sleep success by planning your day and moving backwards from ideal bedtime vs. waiting until a few hours before bed.


How can you get more sleep?


Health begins in the gut so it’s a great place to start.


Our SAD (Standard American Diet) is filled with processed foods and chemicals and it’s taxing our digestion and affecting our health.