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Jan. 25, 2019

15 Love your Labia Series with Ana Rojas Bastidas from Power to Prevail

15 Love your Labia Series with Ana Rojas Bastidas from Power to Prevail

Kicking off the Love your Labia series on Naked Talk with unprocessedJESS podcast with Ana Rojas Bastidas from Power to Prevail. 

 Changes for the podcast. 

We have our first guest on the podcast and partially live streamed on unprocessedJESS Facebook page.

We're adding a second episode to the podcast each week. BABE: Bare all Business Edition: Bite-size Biz tips and tools I WISH I knew about when I began my online journey. 

The reason I started this podcast was to share my stories and tragedies to help others and let them know they're not alone. 

Excited to welcome the very first guest for the podcast Ana Rojas Bastidas. 

Ana shares about wanting to wear a bikini even though she didn't see images of people with scars or after baby bodies in bikinis. 

She thought what "if" I wore it? What would happen? So she did. And she began taking pictures of her in a bikini and the effects of body positivity grew online on her Power to Prevail Instagram page and blog. 

So important to talk about your body, ask questions, and communicate with your doctor and partner. 

Starts with knowing the proper names of your body parts and what's normal and what isn't. 

Episode Links:

Naughty Nutrtion: https://naughtynutrition.co?ap_id=unprocessedjess

Ana Rojas Bastidas: www.powertoprevail.co www.instagram.com/powertoprevail

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